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Investor's Visa ( E-1, E-2) VIDEO 
The E-2 Investor Visa allows an foreign individual to enter and work inside of the United States based on an investment he or she will be controlling, while inside the United States. The purpose of a treaty investor is to direct the operations of an enterprise in which s/he has invested, or is actively investing, a substantial amount of capital in the United States. Things to Know... 

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Investor's Visa ( E1/E2) - Attorney's Summary
8 things you must know about Investor's (E-2) Visas.


1.)    How long will it take for your E2-investor visa application to gather E2-investor visa information?
a.       It will take up to 3 weeks to 3 months to process.
2.)    How much does it cost?
a.       $5,000
3.)    Do I need to hire U.S. employees in order to Get an E-2 visa?
a.       There is no required number of U.S. workers that have to be hired, but usually the business employ some.
4.)    Is an E-2 visa the visa where I have to invest 1 million dollars and hire ten employees?
a.       No, the E-2 visa does not require specific amount of investment and does not have a specific number of employees they have to hire.
5.)    Is there a minimal amount of investment?
a.       Typically require an investment of between $100-150,000
6.)    Is E-2 single entry or multiple entry?
a.       The E-2 visa is multiple entry into the US for up to 5 years
7.)    Can my spouse work in the U.S. if I get an E-2 visa? What about my kids?
a.       Yes, your spouse can work in the U.S. on your E-2. Children can remain on the E-2 visa until they are 21, but they are not permitted to work.
8.)    Does an E-2 visa lead to a green card?
a.       No it does not.
9.)    Does a real-estate investment qualify for an E-2 visa?
a.       It does not qualify if you are just investing in real-estate. You must have a business established.
10.)                        What is the most significant qualification of the E-2 visa? What should the plan include?
a.       The Business plan is crucial.
b.      Company Description – Product and Service Description – Industry Analysis – Marketing and Competition Analysis – Personnel Plan – 5 year Financial Projection
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