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A Winner

"Emel is a fantastic lawyer! The most organized person I know. She will tell you clearly what you need and have to do to win the case and she never fails! Best immigration lawyer in south Florida I recommend all my friends because I know she will never loose a case cause she never has."
-Sarah Friedrich

Meticulous, Strong, Honest

"My case was almost impossible to win and I was recommended to go to see Ms Ersan after hearing about her reputation. She took over my case and by following up everything with every single detail, I won it. She is really strong and honest to work with. If it wasn't her, I wouldn't be here by now."
-Onur Akkus

Organized, Intelligent, Knowledgeable

"My husband and I have contacted several immigration attorneys in the area before choosing Emel, and we could not have made a better decision. She made it possible for him to get his citizenship and is currently working on my Green Card. We have worked with many professionals in the past, immigration as well as others, and have never had the pleasure of working with someone as organized, intelligent, and knowledgeable as Emel, who goes above and beyond to get her clients the treatment and respect they deserve. Her charm is just a bonus to making working with her fun, but we will definitely keep her as our first and only choice for any immigration issues, as well as refer her to any friends and family who are in need of an immigration attorney!"

Experienced, Highly Recommended

"Very professional, organized and experienced. Great attorney and highly recommend."
-Donna Shemeis

Prompt and Dedicated

"We are very fortunate to have Emel Ersan as our attorney. I have worked with her in the past, as well as the present. As her client, my experience is that she will carry out meticulous research and look at options from every angle in order to bring about a solution. We carry the absolute assurance that Ms. Ersan will do her best to promptly find solutions for every question we come forth with. It is very assuring to know that your attorney is with you every step of the way, and we are very lucky indeed to have such dedicated professionalism."
 -Nusin Odelli

Great, Friendly, Honest

"She is a great lawyer that considers to help to you instead of seeking for unnecessary amount of money. Unlike other places I have tried, she is so friendly and explains you every single situation to you and prepares you really well and goes over with you the steps over and over to make sure you fully understand everything and have no questions in your mind. She tells you everything straight up and what will happen instead of blinding you and wasting your time. Great service, amazing office in downtown Sykes sky tower. Definitely recommend it to everyone!!"
-Atakan Keskin
Quick, Affordable, Friendly

"She is the best in town! She knows immigration in much better detail than other lawyers. She is quick, affordable and friendly. She always takes her calls from her personal phone. Go to her first and I am sure you wont go anywhere else."
-Gulperi Arici
A True Godsend

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Emel! She is totally professional and truly cares about her clients. At a certain point in processing my application, there was a document that was requested that I did not have, and it would have taken me 6months to get it. By that time I would have to re-apply and start the process all over again. I was really dejected at the thought.I prayed really hard for a solution to this problem.
Emel took the matter in hand and encouraged me to press forward...and I did. My application was approved as of March 27th, 2015! I'm sooo glad I worked with her. Emel is truly a God send!!"
-Ann Smart
Undoubtedly The Best!

"All I can say is...she God sent...very professional, very detailed. Her attention to detail is impeccable. I was with larger firms who only cared about money, she cares about every case and fights for you like you are family. Undoubtedly the best lawyer in Tampa."
-Giovanni Chambers

Dedicated and Highly Recommended

"Attorney Ersan is a dedicated professional that is handling a case on behalf of my company for an employee. She has laid out a comprehensive plan and has completed various phases of that plan to establish a work visa. I would highly recommend her for this type of legal representation."
-Anthony Medeiros
Quick and Very Effective

"Ms. Ersan helped me with my brother's visa, before I met Ms. Ersan, I went several places not only they charged me a lot but also they couldn't solved the problem for my brother. Finally Ms. Ersan got my brother's visa in no time. I am very grateful for her help. She is really the best."
-Nurettin Arici
Never Gives Up

"She is the best. Wonderful attitude, very friendly, amazing at what she does. We had a difficult case and she never gave up, we won."
-Romanta Tsoulos
Brilliant and Fights For You Like Family

"She is very intelligent and a brilliant lawyer. She fights for every client like its family."
-Zuhal Ertamay
Expert, Best in Tampa

"She's the best immigration attorney in Tampa. She knows immigration law inside out. go to the expert. She' not like others, she knows your case by heart and actually talks to you."
-Tom Yildiz

Extremely Efficient

Highly recommend her. She moves quick. She works hard and gets back to you right away.
-Donna Weaver Creary
Gives You The Best Chance To Win

"Mrs Ersan is a true professional and is a lawyer that is driven by success and not only the money which guarantees you the best possible chance at winning your case.If you need a lawyer that gets results I highly recommend giving her a call."

Simply The Best

"best lawyer I ever had"
-Robert J. Morning Sr.

"Yo recomendó a la abogada Emel Ersan como abogada de Inmigracion.
Ella es una abogada que pelea por tu caso y te mantiene al tanto sobre tu caso yo le he recomendado dos casos los cuales los resultados fueron positivos y mis amistades ahora tienen su en USA estatus legales gracias a ella
Si usted tiene algún caso de inmigración no duden en llamarla se las recomiendo."
-Jose Aleman
Above & Beyond

"She is the best attorney that there could be. I THANK HER SO MUCH FOR HER HELP. She was above and beyond."
-Tony Xyftis
Experienced, Caring, The Best

"I've used Mrs Ersan's professional services several times over the years. She is not only a great attorney with incredible amount of experience, also a great person who truly cares for her clients. I would strong recommend Emel Ersan as an Attorney. She is the best!"
 -Murat Turk

Supportive and Professional

"Ms. Ersan worked hard she very organized , my wife and I want to thank you for your support and your patience in getting us through all the documentation and the Green Card process, Thank you for your professional service."
-Claudio Miranda

Great Communication, Values Her Clients

"Before I have never worked with an attorney in immigration cases. First time I realized it was so comfortable and easy to work with an attorney. I am so glad that Emel Ersan was my attorney. How could an attorney be so successful in communication with his/her clients in spite of his/her intense work schedule? Mrs. Ersan`s personality is the answer to such a question. She handles this successfully. She handles this because I think she loves her job a lot. Also, she values her clients so much. I wish her success in her whole life. Indeed she deserves it. Thanks..."
-Mehmet A. Mertcan

My Attorney saved my life
.H.A., 10/12/2012  
"I had a very difficult case that I had no idea how to deal with.
I have previously worked with more than 10 lawyers. Emel was my saver against my devil…It is never enough how much I appreciate her work..
Immigration client intake

Honest. Very professional
A. BEZIRKAN, 02/12.
"She helps clients like no ordinary person. She listens and talks
to you to make sure you understand the matter."

She does her job very seriously and I'm very happy that she took care of my case."

Exceptional and Reliable Lawyer
Posted by N.A., 08/19/2012
 "My experience with this lawyer was exceptional. I had a case that was going very bad for me because I was trying to take care of it on my own; the more that I was trying to take care of it the deeper in trouble I was getting myself. Emel reassured me that everything was going to work out for me and was able to resolve my case in a timely and favorable manner. I will trust this lawyer with any future cases."

Expert Knowledge Made The Difference
“ Ms Ersan worked hard and diligently to ensure that my parent’s application went through. She is a very sincere lawyer and her expert knowledge of this often very complex and lengthy process of immigration proved a wise choice for my family. We are happy that our application was approved and that we were represented by such a well respected individual  as Ms. Ersan” 
Michelle Swift

Immigration lawers know usa immigration, know immigration fees and help clients in every step

She Made My Life Better
She had done just a great as my lawyer. I thank her so much because she has no idea how much better she has made my life, being able to get my license and social security number to get a better job and
provide for my family. A million thanks to her.
A. Ayala 2/2015

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