Emel Ersan Law Office - Immigration Law


EXPERIENCE:   25 Years.  


  •        Consultation                        $  160
  •        Marriage Green Card          $ 3200 
  •        Removal of Conditions      $ 2550
  •        Citizenship                          $   950
  •        Waiver                                 6100
  •        Family Green Cards           $ 1550
  •        Fiance Visas                       $ 3550 
  •        Immigration Court             $ 1,250
  •        Work Visas                         $ 6000
  •        Investor's Visa                   $ 6000

* These are general prices, only a consultation will confirm your fees


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"The Right Person to Trust" 

She is the best. She is kind and thoughtful and friendly. She is definitely the right person to trust"                                                                                              Thomas M..

"Amazing Attorney" 

Amazing attorney! Understands the hardships immigrants are faced with. She took my father in laws case personally and researched laws to cite. She also noted other cases as references for the interviewer/judge. She did not give false hope either. She was fair, prompt, and emotionally involved this this case. We could not have made a better choice. I will definitely use her again for any immigration counsel needed.   
                                                                                                                         Sanjay G.

"Best Attorney in the World" 

She is the best attorney in the world. I had a very difficult case but all because of her, I won.                                                                                                                Emsada D.

"Extremely Professional" 

Extremely professional and a nice lawyer. One of the best, I highly recommend her. Thank you Emel and God Bless!"                                                                   Yasunai M.

"Best Immigration Lawyer For Sure"

Emel has been nothing but amazing. She has been so helpful. Full of knowledge and has helped us in every aspect of getting my green card. Best immigration attorney for sure.                                                                                                                     Luke S.

"Never Gave Up On Our Case"
"Extremely satisfied we got Atty Emel Ersan. Thank you so much for not giving up on us. You're the best"                                                                                            Ay Ra.T


Attorny Emel was very helpful, she attendetnted the interview with me and that was very supportfull. She advices me on how to prepare for it. I would recommend her to everyone applying for a citizenship                                                                  Rahaf G.

"Perfect Lawyer"

She's perfect, she's nice, I won my case with her. I recommend her. You won't be sorry go to her.                                                                                                           Zoulla M.

"Genuine Concern For Her Clients"

We live in a world where people would want to just take advantage of anyone to make money, however Attorney Emel was a different class altogether and chose the higher ground.  It is one thing to be a lawyer and it is a whole another thing to be a lawyer who has a genuine concern for his/her clients. In my case, attorney Emel was a major confidence booster, walking along with her on the day of my interview was a major asset. The immigration offers has such high regard for her and definitely know that she is a winner and you can see that right from the moment your officer calls you for the interview.                                                                                                    Ranjan V.                                                            
"Great Lawyer!"

"Great lawyer! Emel followed us on every step with profesionalism. We felt secure all the time. I will recommend her to anybody"                                                      Sophia F.

"Great lawyer! Highly recommended."  Anishka & Jeff P.

"Thank you Emel. Very good immigration lawyer. Recommend any person with immigration case."                                                                                  Elsa & Aklilie L.

"Great service make you feel like you are a part of the family. Thank you so much"
  "Bad ass!"
                                                                                                                           Steve S



Awesome from start to finish. Great to have in your corner during the complicated immigration process. Thank you Emel!!                                                               Ryan P.

"The Best"

"I researched long and hard for a reputable ,hard working attorney . She is the best make no mistake about it . You will not be disappointed."                                 Sanjiv V.

"Professional and Thorough"
"Best experience we've had. Very professional and thorough. Recommend to anyone."
                                                                                                                           Hugo R.

"Best immigration lawyer in the country! Hands down! Great professionalism and
always prepares herself and her clients well. Really cares about her clients and 
    doesn’t see them as just $$, but she sees them as actual people that she wants to      help."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Henrique F.


"The Only Attorney You Will Ever Need!"

It was a pleasure working with Emel! We had a difficult case, many avenues to navigate but Emel made it simple! If you are deciding on who to use please do not hesitate!                                                                                                        Michelle M.

"Very Pleased With Our Experience"

Very helpful! Was with us through the whole process and provided very useful insight. We are very pleased with our experience!                                                 Samantha K.


“Best Immigaration Lawyer in Tampa Bay”

Emel Ersan is an amazing attorney, she helped us with the marriage based Green Card process. She is not the type of attorney that just says she will help you, she actually follows through with results. If you need the best attorney who will deliver results and help you tremendously with your case then Emel Ersan is the one you need.                                                                                                                                  Vimal K.  

Thank you so much Ms ERSAN for your professional assistance with my daughter case . We finally got my daughter green card today after filing 3 times. It was a long journey.Thank you again, As you promised us the first day everything went smooth and you took a lots of stress from our family . We will highly recommend you to all our friend and family .                                                                                      Jebbar Family

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                                                            "A Winner"

"Emel is a fantastic lawyer! The most organized person I know. She will tell you clearly what you need and have to do to win the case and she never fails! Best immigration lawyer in south Florida. I recommend all my friends because I know she will never lose a case cause she never has."  
                                                                                                                            Sarah F.
"Meticulous, Strong, Honest"

"My case was almost impossible to win and I was recommended to go to see Ersan after hearing about her reputation. She took over my case and by following up everything with every single detail, I won it. She is really strong and honest to work with. If it wasn't her, I wouldn't be here by now."
                                                                                                                             Onur A.

  "Knows Exactly What She Is Doing"

"It was a pleasure working with her, she is a professional and she knows exactly what she is doing. I couldn't find anyone better."                                                       Ehsan Z.

"Experienced, Highly Recommended"

"Very professional, organized and experienced. Great attorney and highly recommend."
                                                                                                                          Donna S

"Prompt and Dedicated"

"We are very fortunate to have Emel Ersan as our attorney. I have worked with her in the past, as well as the present. As her client, my experience is that she will carry out meticulous research and look at options from every angle in order to bring about a solution. We carry the absolute assurance that Ms. Ersan will do her best to promptly find solutions for every question we come forth with. It is very assuring to know that your attorney is with you every step of the way, and we are very lucky indeed to have such dedicated ."                                                                                              Nushin O.
"She is the Best"

Mrs Emel was all the way to help us, she stay with us the whole time , helping in every step of our process .she is the best                                                                 Nathan W


 "Quick, Affordable, Friendly"

"She is the best in town! She knows immigration in much better detail than other lawyers. She is quick, affordable and friendly. She always takes her calls from her personal phone. Go to her first and I am sure you go anywhere else."
Gulperi A.

"A True Godsend"

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Emel! She is totally professional and truly cares about her clients. At a certain point in processing my application, there was a document that was requested that I did not have, and it would have taken me 6 months to get it. By that time I would have to re-apply and start the process all over again. I was really dejected at the thought.I prayed really hard for a solution to this problem.                                                                                                               Rese T.

   " Above & Beyond"

"She is the best attorney that there could be. I THANK HER SO MUCH FOR HER HELP. She was above and beyond."
Tony X.
                                         "Experienced, Caring, The Best"

"I've used Ersan's professional services several times over the years. She is not only a great attorney with amount of experience, also a great person who truly cares for her clients. I would recommend Emel Ersan as an Attorney. She is the best!"  
                                                                                                                            Murat T.

"I endorse this lawyer because she has more than 15 of experience. She is very
energetic and is a voracious advocate for her clients. Mrs. Ersan has excellent people skills and has an extensive knowledge of immigration law."           Ferdinand D.


"I assure of you that she is not your typical all about money attorney, she is a good person, a fighter and very smart and knowledgeable Immigration attorney who actually
cares. May God bless honest, smart, hard working attorneys with guts like Emel"                                                                                                                   
" Flawless Work"

"THANKS to the attorney Emel Ersan who did all the paperwork for my husband and two children the first time flawlessly without one request for additional documents or wrong information."
                                                                                                                        Samuel L.


"I Trust Her With My Life" 

"I wish that there is more attorney’s like Emel Ersan since she is very inexpensive and does an excellent job. Attorney Ersan is an awesome attorney that I will trust her with my life and definitely recommend her to all my family and friends."                   Carter J.
                                                  She's a Fighter

"Very awesome and hardworking. Will win your case."                                   Melanie J.

"She Makes a Difference"

It really makes a difference to have a lawyer like Ms.Ersan with you at the
 green card interview"                                                                                         Blake O.

"Fought with Immigration Court"

She fought for me in Immigration Court with everything possible. I was lucky to have her as my attorney".                                                                                             Lucy V.

"Made Us Feel Like Family"

"She won my husband waiver case and he is legal.. she always made us feel that we were part of her family. She is an amazing lawyer and Amazing person..
God Bless You Always!"                                                                                     Gloria V.
 "She Stepped in When Interview Got Tough"     
*Not all clients may have the same case is different & every client is different.
                                                                                                                            Glen B.


"Competent and Thorough"

"Professional, knowledgeable and reliable. She is responsive and effective, key  qualities you need a lawyer"                                                                        Camacho G.

"Honest and Truthful"

"She was so honest and truthful, instead of playing with words like others. She handled her part very professionally through the whole process. Now, at the we just have a happy ending immigration story."                                                         Pamuk M.

                                            "Best Decision I Ever Made"                                                                                                                                                                   Amanda S.

"We Are So Glad We Worked With Her"

"Emel is very professional and has a 'personal' touch in the way she sees her clients. I'm not only a client but she's a human looking for the best legal representation. Very happy with her services"                                                                                  Alkeno M.

"Fast and Direct" 

Thank you so much for your help.                                                                    Charlie C.

"She Will Stand By You"

Emel Ersan will stand by you and put it in for you. The way to go.             Mohamed E.

"I'm Grateful I've Found Her" 

I recommended this lawyer 100% she did really good job with my case and been there all time for four hours on interviews and helped a lot to get everything through. 
                                                                                                                         Obaida K.

"The Best Lawyer"
"Emel made everything happen for me. I couldn't have done it without her. She is the best . Thank you so Emel. "                                                                                 Sara S.

"Excellent Lawyer!"

"Excellent Lawyer! She was professional yet very family friendly, our two daughters immediately liked her. She helped us through the entire process of getting my wife her citizenship and is continuing to make sure we are doing well."                      Anthony C.

"She Won my U-Visa Case!"

"She won my U-Visa case! She is the best ever. After 5 years with her fighting for my case. We won. Thank you so Ms. Emel. God bless."                                      Sophie E. 

"Awesome Lawyer"

"Awesome lawyer, very friendly! Very helpful. Emel Ersan."
                                                                                                                      Eduardo C.

"She Never Gave Up"

"She is the best. Wonderful attitude, very friendly, amazing at what she does. We had a difficult case and she never gave up, we won."                                          Romania T.


"Would Highly Recommend Her"

"Attorney Ersan is a dedicated professional that is handling a case on behalf of my company for an employee. She has laid out a comprehensive plan and has completed various phases of that plan to establish a work visa. I would highly recommend her." 
                                                                                                                       Anthony M.

"I Am So Glad She Was My Attorney"

"Before I have never worked with an attorney in immigration cases. time I realized it was so comfortable and easy to work with an attorney. I am so glad Emel was my attorney"                                                                                                         Mehmet M.

"Professional Service"

"Ms. Ersan worked hard. She is very organized, my wife and I want to thank you for your support and your patience in getting us through the documentation and the Green Card process. Thank you for your professional service."                  
                                                                                                                        Claudio M.
"I'm Glad I Contacted Her"

"Ms. Ersan has been helping me to get a fiancee visa for my girl friend. She has not just on my case but everyone that comes to see her, she helps. I am glad that I contacted her to help with my case. Doing this on my own, I would not be able to finish".                                                                                                                 Jason L.

"Both Compassion and Professionalism"

"I am glad she is my Immigration Lawyer! She displays both compassion and professionalism. She is very understanding throughout the whole Immigration process."                                                                                                          Gordon B.

"Full of Confidence"

"I just met with Mrs. Attorney in 2014. impression that she left is that she is full of confidence. You can understand that her approaches are very healthy in terms of managing time"                                                                                                Sahan K. 

"She is Amazing"

"Attorney Emel is amazing, she helped us with our work cards and we got them really quickly. She is really nice and I am so happy that I met her."                               Jack P.

"Professional Approach"

"Ms. Ersan professional approach and her experience helped me to get my working visa. I would strongly recommend her for any immigration law work"            Gokhan U.


"Great Attorney"

"Emel has a big heart and really cares about our situation She is such a great attorney and a mentor for life!!!"                                                                                      Jing-Ti L.
"So Professional"

"Emel Ersan is a wonderful attorney for the immigration cases. She is so professional."                                                                                                   
                                                                                                                             John C.

"Honest Professional and Friend"

 I met Emel Ersan about 3 years ago. I had a really complicated case and she handled my case not only as an honest professional but as a friend. Thank you for such great service."                                                                                                           Seyhan B.

"Prompt Response and Honest Answers" 

"When I was shopping for an attorney, I did not get to talk to a real lawyer, only and paralegals. When I did call Emel, I got a prompt response and direct, honest answers to my questions from a lawyer."  
                                                                                                                        Lorenzo L.

"She Used to Be a Judge"

"I am her client, but she used to be my law professor in law school. Most  of her clients know that she also previously worked as a judge and a prosecutor That is how humble she is."                                                                                                              Hilal S.K.

"She is Confident and Makes People Understand"

"She helped my friend get citizenship. She is very confident and makes people understand as well as comfortable."                                                              Rolando B.

"If you want to work with someone that you can trust with your needs until the very end, Emel should be your lawyer!"                                                                       Jay W.

"Ms. Ersan helped me with my brother's visa. Before met her, I went to several other places. Not only did they charge me a lot but they also couldn't solve the problem for my brother. Finally, Mrs. Navarro got my brother;s visa in no time, I am very grateful for her help. She is really the best."                                                               
                                                                                                                        Nurettin A.

"I went to see Emel Ersan because a friend simply mentioned her name and I felt I had nothing to lose so I made an appointment and was expecting to be disappointed, However, I was grateful that I made this visit. It was one of the best choices of my life."                                                
                                                                                                                            Rose M.

"She is a great lawyer that wants to help you instead of seeking unnecessary amounts of money. Unlike other places I have tried, she is so friendly and explains every single situation you and prepares you really well."                                                     Atakan K.

"She's honest and truthful. She speaks sincerely with clients. She doesn't hide anything. I loved her."                                                                                          Mary D.

"My husband and I have contacted several immigration attorneys in the area before choosing Emel, and we could not have made a better decision. She made it possible for him to get his citizenship and is currently working on my Green Card. We have worked with many professionals in the past, immigration as well as others, and have never had the pleasure of working with someone as organized, intelligent, and knowledgeable as Emel, who goes above and beyond to get her clients the treatment and respect they deserve. Her charm is just a bonus to making working with her fun, but we will definitely keep her as our first and only choice for any immigration issues, as well as refer her to any friends and family who are in need of an immigration attorney!                                                                                                          Meghan L.             

She's very thorough. Really knowledgeable. Go to her!"                                   Buffy L.

"Highly recommend her. She moves quick. She works hard and gets back to you right away."                                                                                                               Donna C.

"She is the best lawyer I've ever had so far. Very helpful."                                  John T.

"Great lawyer, very helpful, and super kind. Thanks, Emel."                       Lizsandra D.

"I was immediately impressed with Emel Ersan; she was confident and took very little time to assess our situation. We followed Emel's professional direction and within a small amount of time we received positive results and are excited about our future. Thank you, Emel, we are grateful."                                                                      Joan S.

"Excellent, aggressive, yet nice and smart. Very real, not fake. I recommend her 99.99 percent. She should be a judge."                                                                  Georgios O.

"All I can say is she is a God send. Very professional. Very detailed. Her attention to detail is impeccable. I was with larger firms who only cared about money. She cares about every case and fights for you like you are family. Undoubtedly the best lawyer in Tampa."                                                                                                         Giovanni C.

"She is good at what she does."                                                                         Rose R.

"We have enjoyed working with our attorney. She has been very pleasant to work with. She helps reduce the stress in this long process."                                                Eric J.

"Top-notch attorney. The best there is. She did a super job for me."                     Tee Z.

"Best attorney ever. So sweet, so professional. I recommend her to anyone who needs an immigration attorney."                                                               Mohammed S.

"I was very happy with her. She does her job well. She helped me when other lawyers took my money and did nothing."                                                                  Gerardo C.

"My husband and I had a great experience. Emel is wonderful, caring, and professional. It was a long journey and she was with us all the way."                  Barbi I.

"Absolutely fantastic. She led us through the process and made us feel comfortable throughout the process. Success on the first try. Highly recommended!!"            Tim C.

"She has helped me with a few cases and always won every fight against immigration. Believe me, she is the big guns in this industry."                                                    NJ B.

Emel is very knowledgeable, dedicated, responsible and very informative about the current immigration status. We appreciate everything that she has done to help us with my Dad's greencard. She would be a great choice if anyone need help with greencard application.                                                                                      Steven N.

"Working for Emel taught me invaluable lessons and practices. It is both her legal expertise and client friendliness that creates the perfect attorney for any client. She is receptive and sensitive to the problems and hardships of each client. It was nice to learn from an attorney that works for her clients, not for her own profit."        Michael H.

"Miss Ersan helped me a lot and it is really amazing. She is very professional and very accommodating."                                                                                                Karol C.

"Loved the workmanship and consistency of her work. I would definitely recommend this outstanding lawyer."                                                                                   Breezy T.

"She's such a good attorney, the best I have ever met so far. So articulate and friendly. Makes my papers work perfectly."                                                                   Bukola O


"Absolutely amazing!! I've talked to four different attorneys before I hired her and everybody said it's impossible to get my green card!! However, she was the only one who understood me from the beginning and helped me to the end until getting my green card. Her fees are very, very reasonable and she doesn't charge anything extra like any other attorneys. By the way, she is busy (it's understandable) but she always got back to me on the same day or so. Lastly, as a Turkish citizen, I have heard many horror stories about other Turkish attorneys but Ms. Ersan is completely different and very honest. Otherwise, I wouldn't have hired her while I was in Turkey."         Yutupem

"She made us feel comfortable and we were told exactly what was going to happen. We are so glad we went to her."                                                                          Sam G.

"I got my visa thanks to her. She is attentive, friendly, and professional." 
                                                                                                        Prime Cars & Trucks

"She is the best. I had a really serious case but she took care of it smoothly. Again, she is the best and I recommend her."                                                                Impo S.

"Hands down the best lawyer in the world. Amazing person, absolutely a pleasure to have her represent me. For anyone interested, do not look any further. She is #1. Thank you for everything, Emel, #1 best immigration lawyer."                           Gabe E.

"Ms. Ersan gave us peace of mind. She helped us through the hard times with my daughter's visa. She is a great lawyer and a very friendly person."                 Sammy F.

"Ms. Emel was great. She helped us with my niece's visa like it was her own family member."                                                                                                             Tulin S.

"Emel was great. She prepared us for our interview so that when we went in, we had everything we needed and in order so we could show the interviewer what she wanted quickly. The interview started to get tough and Emel stepped in and made sure we got approved. Highly recommend."                                                                     Madison C.

"Most helpful and efficient. Success!"                                                                  Alan N.

"The impossible--that's what Ms. Ersan achieved. All the components of a perfect lawyer: professional, hopeful, strong, and knowledgeable. Thanks to Ms. Ersan, the sun finally shines on us."                                                                                   Aaron R.

"I've been working with her for three years. Very attentive to my needs. Always offering advice when you need it the most. Well recommended!"                         Lisa J.

"She is doing my family's U visa and I could not be more confident in her ability in advocating for us. She is empathetic to the plight of immigrant families."         Musa M.

"I personally thank Ms. Ersan for accepting my case and getting me approved for the E2 Investors visa. I recommend her to all my Turkish and international friends. Very reliable and a good attorney."                                                                               Mert B.

"Very easy to talk with. Reliable. She brought my four daughters from Jamaica and got me citizenship. Very reliable."                                                                           Gamal M.

"I was illegal for thirteen years. Ms. Ersan worked on my case for four years and never gave up. I'm finally getting my green card. She saved me."                                Sam S.

I have to say that I absolutely recommend my attorney Emel Ersan for the wealth of information that she has, the flawless process that I’ve had with her and complete understanding of the law. I would recommend and will recommend people to her.
                                                                                                                              Tom P.

"You Are Amazing"

"Thank you so much for your hard work! You are amazing and helped us out so much in the process! I would definitely recommend Ms. Ersan for any immigration processes."                                                                                                    Michelle G.

"Emel Ersan is energetic, honest, highly professional, and fast thinking. She did my TN visa and even though there was a complication, she resolved it quickly. I would recommend her to any client as the best immigration lawyer in Tampa."         Andrei C.

"Straight to the point, very professional, strictly business, no nonsense."         Sevim T.



"I Felt So Safe With Her"

"Emel Ersan is amazing! She helped me out and my husband so much! I recommend her to everybody!!! I felt so safe the whole time I was with her!! I love her so much ❤️"

 "Aggressive Yet Nice" 

My case was almost impossible to win. She followed up with every single detail and I won. She is really strong and honest. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here." 
                                                                                                                         Akkus O.

"She's A Great Attorney"

"It was great working with Emel, she’s a great attorney."                                      Sid M.

"Most Trusted Lawyer We Ever Met"

"The most trusted lawyer we have ever met. We are happy to be her clients."   Ferit C.

"You're in Good Hands"

"I would definitely recommend this lawyer to anyone. She's very helpful and professional and will make sure you're in good hands."                                    Goran D.

"Very Fast"

I came to Atty. Ersan’s office to seek help for my immigration need. She was very helpful and explained everything in detailed manner. She was very nice and accomodating. She told me I will get my permanent status in 4 months but I got it sooner than that. I got it at 2 and half months. Very fast! I highly recommend her! She is very good! Thank you so much Atty. Ersan! More power to you!.            Fernando R.

"VERY Knowledgeable"

Emel helped my brother get his US Citizenship. She is VERY knowledgeable and gave us great, priceless advice, friendly, pleasant and very helpful. I will keep referring her.                                                                                                              Anthony A.

"Best Decision I Ever Made"

Even though my case seemed pretty tough, she prepared me correctly and we were ready when the time came. I’m glad i worked with her, one of the best decisions i made.                                                                                                                Erkan A.   
"A True Professional"

Attorney Ersan was delightful and refreshing. She is a true professional. Highly recommend.                                                                                                     Angela A.

"She Makes You Her Priority"

Emel is an amazing attorney. She made feel welcomed when we first went in to meet her. She makes her priority YOU. As long as you listen to her and do everything she asks you to do, you will be golden. I recommend her to everyone.                     Paul C.

"This lawyer is honest and straight forward. I recommend her for fast and to the point answers. She will tell you no nonsense."                                                         Videsh R

"Emel was great! Extremely happy that she was our attorney for our green card process. We just got approved. Highly recommend her for any immigration needs!"
                                                                                                                              Sam L

"She has been a God sent. A very competent attorney who is willing to help her clients any way she can. She is very thorough."                                                           Debby T.

"Very helpful and understanding. Very affordable and makes it easy to understand the process because this is very complicated. She makes it less threatening. I feel so much better after hiring her. She's worth every penny."                                     Keron J

"She did my paperwork fast and effective. No drama, just hard and efficiency. She helped me through the whole process with a smile."                                          Cagri Y.
"Very friendly. Nothing goes wrong when she takes your files. She brought my two sons here."                                                                                                      Satilmis Y.

"I highly recommend Ms. Ersan to anyone who needs an immigration attorney. Ms. Ersan is very thorough in her work and is indeed excellent at what she does. She is pleasant, kind, and ensures that her clients completely understand what their options are. She has a great personality and is always willing to assist where she can. She is excellent at communicating with her clients in a timely manner."                  Stephen G.

"She won my E2 visa! She is immaculate, always in communication with me, and very successful. My family is grateful to her."                                                              Mert M.

"Very professional. Excellent service."                                                          Elizabeth Z.

"She did my visa extension. She prepared a great application for me and won my case. I recommend her to everyone."                                                            Alpaslan O.

"My case was denied three times but my lawyer, Emel, brought me here to the United States. She is a miracle worker."                                                                           Anh T.

"Ms. Ersan is a great lawyer and an excellent representative for the immigration laws. She won my mother's difficult case within no time. My mother tried three times and couldn't do it by herself but when Ms. Ersan represented her, she won her case. She is very knowledgeable about immigration. We can't thank her enough."             Mine F.

"Ms. Ersan was wonderful. She was very good at protecting my mother's rights as a lawyer. We are very happy with the result. It was a very delicate case but she won it with great success. Thank you."                                                                        Nalan H.

"She did my DACA and I was approved. Emel Ersan has been a good lawyer to my family and I. Not only has she helped me get my DACA renewal, but she's also helping us in our new case. Emel is a great and loving person who doesn't stop helping people until the case is over."                                                              Nelson S.

"If you need an attorney to get the job done correctly, then Attorney Ersan is the attorney you need. Excellent experience and service. Thank you, Attorney Ersan."                                   
                                                                                                                          Karina S.

"Emel did a great job for us. She was always professional and answered all of our questions. She was there for us every step of the way. I would highly recommend her services!"                                                                                                            Adam H.

"I have been a client of Emel Ersan for over three years. Along the way, she has been much help through my complicated immigration case, going through the options and finally getting a good result. I recommend her highly!"                                     Kirubel A.

"Ersan got my mother-in-law a green card in record time (4 months, start to finish). I highly recommend her to everyone.                                                                     Pran P.

"She won my father's waiver case. My family thanks her. My father was stuck for two years but thanks to her, we are a family again."                                              Claudia A.

"Very caring and helpful. She was able to answer any questions and concerns I had and put me at ease."                                                                                        Nelson E.

"Emel is an oustanding lawyer. Very honest, a lot of integrity, and gets the job done. I am very thankful I met her and also very happy to have her as my lawyer. Thank you, Emel, for your stellar service. I will recommend anybody who needs a hard, dedicated lawyer to represent you. She is the best."                                                             Daniel

"Very efficient. Polite and does everything with a smile. She brought my son and family from Switzerland."                                                                                      Erika F.

"She was a great lawyer who took the time to explain my case and help me get through my case."                                                                                          Amanda S. 

"I had a very difficult case but I won thanks to my lawyer. She's honest. Go to her."   
                                                                                                                           Murat D.

"Working with Emel was a painless affair. She is thorough and detailed. Both me and my husband had a great time working with her. A lawyer should be knowledgeable and yet comfortable to work with. That's what we felt working with Emel."     Lauren C.

"We would like to thank Emel for all her hard work. We got our green card and everything went smoothly. She was fast, direct, and ensured we had everything we needed before we went for the interview. Thanks again, Emel."                     Kevin M. 

"It was an exciting moment when my lawyer helped me get my student visa, and it was so quick (only two and a half months). Our family all changed status from B1-B2 to student visa. Thanks, Emel Ersan. God bless YOU."                                    Erwei W.

"Best lawyer in town. She will help you make your dream come true to become an American citizen. Thank you!"                                                                     Rechimba R.

"Great lawyer. Helped me out with everything I needed and helped me gain my citizenship."                                                                                                        Kevin C.

"Emel is a great lawyer. Very organized. She will fight for your case like it is her own. I strongly recommend her."                                                                                 Miyosi C.

"She won my son's case. I strongly recommend her. She even helped me psychologically throughout the case."                                                                 Elen K. 

"She is really the best attorney in Tampa. Trust me, she is really going to take care of you."                                                                                                                Husam B. 

"Ms. Ersan has been very professional and kind. Since the first day I came, I felt she should be my attorney. She made me feel positive about my case while all other attorneys I've been with in the past told me my case was very difficult to be solved. Today, I'm very happy that she did win my appeal case. She is the best. She performed her job better than anyone could. I'm a permanent resident, thanks to her. No doubt she can make the impossible happen again. She is passionate about her job and that is what makes her the best lawyer. Can't thank her enough! God bless her heart."                                                                                                                   Leia R.

"Ms. Ersan won a very rare case for me (only 100 in the whole country). She is very direct, structured, and organized. Always answered my calls. I STRONGLY recommend her."                                                                                               Sercan T.

"Emel was great. My husband will be getting his green card soon. She helped us through all the steps and things went so smoothly."                                       Rhonda D.

"Emel Ersan is smart, professional, and she knows the immigration process. She was so wonderful to worth with, letting my wife, Maria, and I know exactly what was happening next and preparing us along the process of our journey to citizenship. Thank you, Emel. God bless you."                                                                   Ralph R. 

"She Knows Her Stuff"

"She was very helpful and informative. She was real. She is extremely detailed, her experience shows. She does what she says, very tactful and assertive when it comes to immigration law. She knows her stuff"                                                              Gary T.

"She's a Good Lawyer"
"She' a good lawyer she won my father's case, we are so happy and we will recommend her"                                                                                             Roseline J.
"She is very intelligent and a brilliant lawyer. She fights for every client like it's family."
                                                                                                                           Erkan N.
"She's the best immigration attorney in Tampa. She knows immigration law inside out. Go to the expert. She's not like others. She knows your case by heart and actually talks to you."                                                                                                          Tom Y.

"She won my husband's waiver case and he is legal.She always made us feel that we were part of her family. She is an amazing lawyer and an amazing person...God Bless You Always!"                                                                                                       Gloria V.

"She is quick to the point. She halped me with my husband's green card. Case got approved in a couple of minutes"                                                                          Mai N.

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