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The Status of DACA Still Unknown

The Status of DACA Still Unknown 


While President Trump urges Congress to make a decision concerning the changes that are to affect DACA recipients, in addition to other immigration laws, the Department of Homeland Security has taken it upon themselves to draft up some changes or regulations they deem may be necessary in immigration reform. 
“The department has been examining a range of subtle modifications to immigration policies that could have major consequences, including limiting protections for unaccompanied minors who come to the US illegally, expanding the use of speedy deportation proceedings, and tightening visa programs in ways that could limit legal immigration to the US, according to multiple sources familiar with the plans.

Old Conviction Deportations

Immigrant in New York City being deported due to decades-old conviction

A husband, father and green card holder will be deported from the country for crimes he committed as a teenager. Panama native, Jose Molina, was a toddler when he entered the country and has been living in the United States close to 40 years. He has been married to his wife, Jennifer Molina, for 16 years with whom he has two children.

Immigration Arrests

Immigration arrests up 38% nationwide under Trump

            The amount of undocumented immigrants who are being arrested has increased by nearly 40% since the enhancement of immigration enforcement by Donald Trump. Although it was said that undocumented immigrants with prior criminal records would be the main targets most of the immigrants arrested had no criminal record at all.

Trump Rescinding Dreamers Act

Trump may rescind ‘Dreamer’ immigration program as early as Friday

President Trump is expected to rescind a policy that protects from deportation nearly 800,000 immigrants who entered the country illegally as children. The Dream Act, has been used to describe young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, who have lived and gone to school here, and who in many cases identify as American.

Trump Wants to Ban Immigrants from Welfare

Trump to Ask Congress To Ban Immigrants From Receiving Welfare For Five Years
Trump thinks that new immigrants coming to the United States should be able to support themselves for at least five years before being able to receive welfare. In addition, he strongly feels that immigrants coming to the US should more than likely never need assistance, hence, preventing those whom he suspects to be a “public charge” from coming into the United States.

Why You Should Always Go to a Lawyer

                     THE WRONG HELP CAN HURT
                       BEWARE OF IMMIGRATION SCAMS
Who can help me with my USCIS Case?
You can always represent yourself before USCIS. Many people, including family members, may be willing to help you fill out USCIS forms with the information you provide. These people may do this for free or charge a small fee.

Trump Loses Travel Ban in Appeals Court

Trump Loses Travel Ban Ruling in Appeals Court
The effort to limit travel to predominantly Muslim countries by President Trump’s revised travel ban was denied by a second federal court of appeal. It was a unanimous decisions by a panel of three judges.

The Wrong Help Can Hurt

                     THE WRONG HELP CAN HURT
                       BEWARE OF IMMIGRATION SCAMS - USCIS Publication 

Who can help me with my USCIS Case?
You can always represent yourself before USCIS. Many people, including family members, may be willing to help you fill out USCIS forms with the information you provide. These people may do this for free or charge a small fee.

Immigration Activist Applies for DACA

“Immigration activist who says she was victim of retaliation by Border Patrol applies for ‘Dreamer’ protections”
by James Queally
Los Angeles Times

On May 18, Claudia Rueda was arrested outside of her aunt’s home by agents with the United States Customs and Border Protection. The agents claim they were involved in a drug investigation in the area but neither Claudia nor the six other individuals arrested were brought in on drug charges. Rueda believes her detention happened in response to her protest against her mother’s arrest days earlier. Now, Rueda plans on applying for DACA.

DACA'S Fate Still Undecided

“Fate of program to protect young immigrants still undecided”
by Alicia Caldwell
Washington Post
As of June 16, the Trump administration remains undecided on the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program. Proposed by the Obama administration, DAPA seeks to protect and assist the immigrant parents of US citizens. However, the program has yet to be passed. In response to growing concerns around how this will affect DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security has assured that DACA “has not changed” and will remain enforced.
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